instructions for SPEAKERS

Duration limits

The following strict duration limits apply:

  • Contributed and Invited Session papers: 15 minutes

  • Keynote papers: 25 min


How to record your video

We suggest you the following software solutions to rec your video:

  1. OBS studio. Here you can find a tutorial to OBS studio suite:

  2. Stream Yard, a very high-quality video conferencing platform that allows the speaker to record voice and screen. 

  3. Zoom. Here you can find a tutorial about how to use zoom to record video:



Best Practice to record your video

  • The most important thing in recording your video is that your presentation is clearly visible and that your voice is clearly heard; however, for a more pleasant outcome, we recommend that you to show yourself while presenting your presentation.

  • Videos of the most common formats are accepted; however, mp4 and mov formats are preferred.

  • Please, before you send the video to us, make sure the video and audio are working well and the file doesn't weigh too much. The maximum size of the video should be 1 GB.

  • Aspect ratio of 16:9 with minimum resolution of 720p (1280x720 pixels).

  • Your video should start with the first slide of your presentation with the title of the paper, all authors, and their affiliations.

  • Please name your video as the ID of your paper - your surname. Eg: 34 - Watson.



How to share your video with us

We kindly ask you to upload your recorded video to your personal Google Drive (or any other accessible storage) and then share your video with

Please make sure we have access to the file in order to download and storage it.


If you are unable to use the first solution, we ask you to send your video via We Transfer to


If these solutions are not suitable for you, please let us know as soon as you can so we can suggest you other ways.   




Please share with us your recorded video by the 23rd of May.