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In the PaperCept website, the program has been formally divided into conference days.


The contributions scheduled on Sunday are the pre-recorded video talks. They will be accessible anytime since Sunday 13th June 2021. Interactions among participants and authors will take place asynchronously via an integrated chat system from that day on, so it is not required to be on-line at a specific time.

The workshop is going to be live-streamed. It will start on Sunday June 13, at 2pm (CEST). Please note that it is not going to be recorded.


The contributions scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are live sessions, and they comprise Plenary Talks, Keynote Talks, and Welcome and Farewell Speeches.


The schedule for each talk is given in the website and is summarised here (the time reference is the Central European Time):


Monday 14th June 2021

14.00 - 14.30 Welcome Speech

14.30 - 15.30 Plenary talk: “The very bright future of chemical process control” (T. Badgwell)

15.45 - 17.45 Keynote session


Tuesday 15th June 2021

14.15 - 15.15 Plenary talk: “Recurrent neural networks for control – Why, when, how” (R. Scattolini)

15.30 - 17.30 Keynote session


Wednesday 16th June 2021

14.00 - 15.00 Plenary talk: “From time-driven to condition-driven: Wide-range nonstationary industrial process monitoring” (C. Zhao)

15.15 - 17.15 Keynote session

17.15 - 17.45 Farewell speech


The recorded videos of Plenary and Keynote Talks will be available anytime since the day of the talk.

All times are listed in Central European Summer Time (CEST)